Neurotransmitter Spill (rebirthoxide) wrote in vegancooking,
Neurotransmitter Spill

i have a smoking problem

I want to buy a smoker.

First and foremost, I want to use it to smoke specialty grains for the beer I brew. I love rauchbier. Unfortunately, I am unable to justify the price of a brand new smoker to SWMBO on this alone.

Being the sole chef, I need several good smoker recipes that will "whet the appetite" so to speak. Any suggestions? I'm already armed with a recipe for smoked tofu/tempeh, and I invented one for yummy seitan stuffed jalapenos. I'm going to need more. Any suggestions?

On a side note: A smoker is not a likely piece of hardware for a vegan. I always enjoy encroaching on territory that is assumed to be reserved for those who choose to partake in carnivorous activity. I know a few meat eaters that will find my usage of this hardware as sacrilige, and I will do well to flaunt this fact.

(wouldn't it be cool to have a giant piece of juicy yummy seitan on one of those gyros spinners?)
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