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antibiotics post-wisdom tooth extraction :(

Hallo lovelies,

This afternoon's trip to the dentist left me down four wisdom teeth and up a bottle antibiotics.  Though not entirely happy with this trade, I'm recovering extra-speedily thanks to my vegan squeeze.  I'm a little concerned, however, about using antibiotics.. I'm told it strips you of all your good bacteria pals as well as the potentially infectious ones.
I read somewhere that to recoup your good bacteria after taking antibiotics, it was a good idea to eat a bunch of yogourt.  Obviously as a vegan, this advice doesn't apply. 

Would anyone have any suggestions as to what a gal could eat instead to bolster her insides after a hefty dose of antibiotics?
Your suggestions on the matter would be extra-appreciated!
Myself and my puffy face thank you :)

OH PS - if it makes a difference, the antibiotics are amoxicillin/clavulanate.
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