andystarr (andystarr) wrote in vegancooking,

Mock Duck

I have been thinking about making my own seitan since its usually pretty expensive and I have to drive about 8 miles to the nearest co-op to buy it. I have looked through the tags at seitan and other mock meat recipes and have gotten some awesome ideas (the veggironi looks amazing!). When I go to thai or other asian restaurants, I always order mock duck because I love the flavor and texture a lot more than the other mock meats they have to offer. When I am making my own seitan, how can I get that same flavor and texture? Are there little mock duck tins I don't know about (for the bumpy skin effect)?

P.S. The mock duck probably won't be my first seitan venture, I'll probably do a really simple batch that won't really imitate much of anything.
Tags: seitan, substitutes-meat-duck
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