Songs of Exposition (oenone_borealis) wrote in vegancooking,
Songs of Exposition

YRR Request (Mustard Crusted Seitan)

Exposition: Someone stole my copy of Yellow Rose Recipes (which I have every intention of replacing once I have the means) and I've been craving Mustard Crusted Seitan. I've tried Google Books and Google in general with no luck.

Could someone please post the recipe for the mustard crust (I like Joanna's seitan recipe, too, but I'll make do without it)?

Just to make this more interesting: What would you recommend making with this? My future brother-in-law (who is unenthusiastic at best about most veggie food) is coming over to visit tomorrow and I'd like to make something homey and not too "weird".

P.S. We just bought a deep fryer, too. Would this work or should I just stick with the frying pan?
Tags: comfort food, foods that non-vegans would like, fried stuff, seitan
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