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Asian Themed Dinner

Hi guys. I recently cooked my boyfriend his dream birthday dinner, and thought I'd share some pictures. Please keep in mind that I just have a lousy little camera phone and pretty bad lighting, but hopefully the food still looks yummy. :- ) Hopefully these ideas will be helpful next time you are planning on cooking some asian food!

Homemade "egg"rolls with a spicy peanut sauce

Asian style cabbage salad. So good!

Trying to make a somewhat Asiany looking tablescape on a super low budget. hehe.

General Tsao's Yumfu!

Gingery-garlicky brussel sprouts!

Authentic style chow mein

Grand Finale: "butterfinger: style cheezecake! It was so good, we couldn't wait to eat so the picture had to wait. :- )
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