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Hello there. I was given a bunch of vegan pizza crust from my work, so I have been experimenting recently. I was trying to recreate two popular omni pizza combos, and proved quite successful. Hopefully these pictures will inspire someone to have a little pizza party of their own.  

Philly cheeze steak pizza (pre cooked)

 Yum! We has some peppered "beef" strips that we *lightly* sauteed with some green peppers and onions. The toppings were then covered with the cheeze sauce from veganomicon. This was by far the best!

Hawaiian Pizza (pre-baked)

Mmm! This pizza had sliced "ham" that was marinated in a little liquid smoke and red pepper (it tasted just like salami, actually) and pineapple chunks. This pizza had a red sauce and was also topped with the vcon cheeze sauce.

This is just a quick pizza-like idea that is much healthier. I just take some whole wheat flour, baking powder, a little salt and some water and make a quick crust. i push it into this little pan and top wtih sauteed garlic, kale and whatever other vegetables I have on hand. It so good and quick! This one had a little ricotta-style tofu on top, but I generally just make it with veggies.

My dog wanted some so badly.
This one looks kinda gross, but was pretty good. It had pesto with some nutritional yeast throw in. It had mushrooms and other veggies on it, and was topped with bacos. Sounds kinda gross, but it almost tastes like pepperoni!

..and, once again, my dog wanted some.

 UPDATE: Mmm! I made this bbq chicken pizza tonight, and just wanted to share!

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