an imaginary living body (marysia) wrote in vegancooking,
an imaginary living body

Unfamiliar (to me) ingredients

I was looking through a wok/stir-fry cookbook of my girlfriend's, which has a good number of vegan recipes in it. However, I'm completely unprepared for a lot of the ingredients this book uses. Has anyone had experience with any of the following ingredients and could give me advice for what they're like and/or what to replace them with if I can't find them?

-Mushroom ketchup (is this buy-able or would one have to make it? I don't like common white mushrooms very much, but might be open to trying other kinds.)
-Tiger lily buds (I have NO idea what to expect from that)
-Galangal (seems to be ginger-like)
-Kaffir lime leaves
Tags: ethnic food-asian

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