purple_lamb_lol (purple_lamb_lol) wrote in vegancooking,

Kemsoy Soyaella and Easy Cook Omega Mix recipe ideas please

I've just bought some stuff from Kemsoy. I got some Soyaella. It has a savoury flavour and you can use it kind of like couscous, but I'd appreciate some different recipe ideas, I'd love to incorporate it into veggie burgers.

I also bought some of their Easy Cook Omega Mix, it has a lovely biscuity flavour and you can actually eat it as is with soya yoghurt and sweetener, also I've made it into a porridge with hot soya milk, and it comes with a recipe for these sweet bars I'll probably make when I've got the other ingredients. I'd appreciate some other recipe ideas, it could work as cake mix, what do you guys normally add to vegan cake mix?

Also has anyone else used their products? I'm excited that it's all healthy and vegan.

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