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Holy Peaches!

Today at work, a lady brought in BOXES of ripened peaches that fell from her tree. Not wanting to miss a beautiful situation, I took one of the boxes home. Now I have dozens of ripened (borderline overripe) peaches I have no idea what to do with.

I am thinking about freezing them, but am unsure how well they will do after they thaw. I'd like to make jams, smoothies, cobblers, etc. Would thawed out peaches work for all of these? If not, which ones?

Also, if you have a favorite peach recipe, please feel free to share.

Edit: Ugh, these Peaches are WAY ripe to the point I don't think they are going to last any longer unless I freeze them. I cut them in half and eliminated the pits, so any frozen peach ideas would be wonderful!
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