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Another cookbook [+rice] question

I saw what appeared to be a vegan cookbook at a bookstore today; it didn't have the word "vegan" in its description (is it copyrighted? bad press? what?!?) but it did say that it contained recipes with animal free ingredients.

Anyways, does anyone own or has had a chance to use:

Green Gastronomy by Colin Spencer?

On a quick perusal it showed a number of salads, some deserts and the like; I'd like a book that low on salads (I never use a recipe for throwing raw veggies together; what's the need?) and high on useful, innovative ideas. Is this the right kind of book, I wonder.

ETA (sorry mods!): Here's a puzzler: I bought some Basmati rice for the first time (never ate it that I recall) and when I opened the bag, my nose was assaulted by a strong smell of what I clearly recall to be the smell of mice (hey, I had an interesting life - even caught a mouse by hand once! A wild one, obviously). Now, I dunno what Basmati - which is usually referred to as 'aromatic' - rice is supposed to smell like, and neither have I smelled any white mice (pets) but grey mice I do know.

My question is: is Basmati rice supposed to smell like that? (It didn't lose much of its aroma in cooking, either.) Or should I be sifting it through to make sure stray bits of mice nests haven't made it into the airtight packaging?
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