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Catering/Vegan Cooked Breakfast Ideas

I'm a volunteer cook at Kebele and this weekend is the Easton Arts Trail which should bring a fair few people more through the door.

I'm on breakfast shift - we usually do a fry up including lentil/oat sausages , mushrooms, roast tomatoes, something potato based (bubble & squeak, potato wedges, potato cakes etc), baked beans and toast.

Attendence can vary between the high twenties to mid to high fifties.

Ingredients donated by Essential and one of the veg box companies (can't remember which one). Other odds and ends we pick up from the Sweetmart, a fine independent grocer.

Staff arrive at 0900hrs and doors open at 1100hrs. We cook everything we can from scratch in that time. Usually have three working in the kitchen, one at front of house.

Anyhow, that the background. I'm looking for inspiration for vegan cooked breakfast grub. That's easy to scale up, can be cooked in our small window of preparation time and is cheap and cheerful.

One current thing I'm experimenting with is kedgeree, but trying to think of accompaniments.

Have any of you got ideas for us.
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