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sock's lasagna party

FINALLY!!! i have perfected lasagna. it is quite simple, and i stumbled upon the perfect combination of ingredients. everyone who eats it has great stuff to say or they say it is the best lasagna they have ever had. since i have had years of bad lasagnas, i feel accomplished and i must share the simplicity and beauty of this surefire dish. weeee finally i got it right!!! yum yum yum no reason to not eat/cook/live vegan

-box of oven ready lasagna noodles
-jar of pasta sauce (i used Newman's Own Marinara)
-basil (a teaspoon or more)
-oregano (a teaspoon or more)
-salt (about a teaspoon)
-pepper (a bit less than a teaspoon)
-1 lemon
-1 Lb. of extra firm tofu
-bunch of fresh spinach
-1 red pepper
-1 onion
-5 cloves of garlic (about. use more or less)
-nutritional yeast (however much you want. i probably shook out a couple tablespoons of it)

1. dice up your onion, garlic, and red pepper. sizzle it up in a pan in some olive oil till it's all tender and beautifull and smelling great!!!
2. while it's sizzling, blend your drained tofu, basil, oregano, salt, pepper, spinach, nutritional yeast and the juice of the lemon in your food processor. basically with my spices, i go most of basil and oregano, a tad less salt, and less pepper.
3. then add in the fried up onion/garlic/pepper concoction into the food processor. blend it till it's all evenly mixed.
4. slop some sauce into a baking dish/casserolle dish, layer on noodles, then layer on and spread around the food processor mixture. repeat a few times till you're out of ingredients. make sure you have a little bit of sauce to spread over the top of it.
5. cover in foil, bake at 375 for 45 minutes. 
a couple things:
-i think it is way better either hours later or the next day. it also holds together better after sitting out overnight. not that that really matters, because it's gonna taste great whether it falls apart or stays together!
-ESSENTIAL with garlic bread. slop some earth balance and garlic salt and oregano on a fresh bakery loaf halved lengthwiseand throw it in the oven with the lasagna for 10-15 minutes. i think garlic bread + lasagna = CRUCIAL!!!
-and that green goop might look gross, but just try it and you will change your mind. 
-i dont know how to make an "lj cut" so here is the link to some pictures if you're interested in weeding thru my bud casey's other pictures to find the lasagna ones.

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