The Future Is Now (constintina) wrote in vegancooking,
The Future Is Now

VCTOtW cupcake and frosting recipe request

Please let me know if this post is inappropriate in any way...

A friend of mine is making vegan cupcakes for the first time and asked me for a simple vanilla and/or chocolate recipe/s, including frosting. "No problem," I said,"Let me just grab Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and I'll type up and email you...zomg I loaned it to a friend last week!!!"

Does anyone have the basic vanilla or chocolate recipes and/or ganache or buttercream recipes typed up and accessible on the internet? I can't seem to find them on, and I want to give her a recipe that is simple and that I can personally vouch for. I didn't see any of these when I look at cupcake recipes in the tags.

Thanks so much!
Tags: desserts-cakes-chocolate, desserts-cakes-frostings, desserts-cupcakes
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