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Fresh pasta salad

The other day it was so warm out I couldn’t fathom eating anything hot – so I made this tasty pasta salad and thought I’d share. I don’t really measure so it’s up to you to add in as much of one thing as you desire!

Bowtie Pasta
Bell peppers
Corn kernels
Roma tomatoes
All diced up into bite sized bits

Olive oil
Fresh Oregano (I picked it from my garden and diced it up thoroughly)
Garlic (lots!!!)
Cracked black pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Pinch of salt
I made the dressing first so that it could sit and the oil could absorb all the flavour while I chopped veggies. I boiled the pasta until al dente, rinsed in cold water, then added all of the veggies except the tomatoes and tossed it around to mix everything up, then added the dressing, then the tomatoes to add some extra thickness to the dressing/coating on the pasta and veggies.

It was very fresh and tasty and looked stunning in a bowl next to a cold glass of white wine.

My boyfriend enjoyed it so much he made a little mascot…honestly, this is the reason I wanted to post the recipe.

Pasta Ninja!


Question – does it count as raw food if there’s pasta involved? Other than the pasta nothing else has been cooked. I'm sure this would be tasty with sprouted seeds too.

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