Kevalin (morningstar21) wrote in vegancooking,

light, fluffy vanilla cake?

I make cakes.
A whole lot of them.
I think the VCTOTW recipes are good for cupcakes only; they lack the zing that cake needs to have since you can't pile on the frosting without it being sickening. I've tried a basic vanilla version of three-hole cake and it always comes out like a dense brick (tasty, but dense. You can almost taste the flour in it.) I've tried boxed mixes, which work great but crumble far too easily due to the egg replacers I've used (Ener-G, applesauce), which makes it hard to decorate them pretty. So, that all being said, does anyone have a fool-proof recipe for a basic vanilla cake that isn't dense, tofu-y, or crumbly?

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