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Hemp Hemp Hemp!

You guys have to try using hemp in your meals. It's so so so so so good for you. It's a whole food, a complete protien with all the amino acids and just all around awesome. Basically you could eat only hemp for a long long long time and survive because it has everything your body needs to function. You can use the flour in baking, the oil for cooking, protein powder for shakes as well as baking. It's good for you and your pets too. On top of all that, it tastes great. The oil soaks into everything pretty much and it's flavor doesn't stand out over anything else. It's a warm, nutty, light oil. It's worth it even to get it in bulk. You can get 4 liters of oil or 25 lbs of the flour for real cheap. My boyfriend and I love the stuff. We bake bread with it and after the loaf is gone we're left craving it. Yum! If you google it you can find some pretty great deals on 100% organic NON THC hemp products. It's funny how the US is banning one of the best most environmentally concious cash crop because the chemical manufacturers like DuPont can't compete otherwise. Then they hide behind the demonization of pot. Ha.
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