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request: vegan thoreau picnic food??

 hello all,

this community looks pretty amazing.

i am taking my sweetheart on a surprise day at Walden Pond.  I would like to keep a theme, and make picnic food that is old-timey/ thoreau-esque and vegan.  i have had very little luck researching what kind of stuff thoreau ate, only that he ate a lot of beans, which do not strike me as a very romantic food.  the entries in the picnic memories all seem pretty modern.  an important point is that it be reasonably portable- much of the old time type food i've found does not lend itself well to traveling.  so basically, i'm seeking old-fashioned(like 1800s) portable food that is vegan. 

Thanks a lot!   I know it's a long shot.

p.s.  to offer an idea, before i thought i might want a theme was going to make springrolls with rice wrappers, marinated tofu, vermicelli and other tasty things; bring cherries; and for dessert, have vegan brownies cut into hearts with a cookie cutter. ^_^  actually, i might stick with the cherries and brownies.  need a main course though.
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