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Lemon Pound cake from VCON -- can I make it a cake?

So in my continuing effort to veganelize my coworkers, I need a birthday cake for my boss. She LOVED the lemon pound cake and said it was, hands down, her favorite thing I'd made so far. Someone suggested I see about making it a bundt cake for her birthday this Monday.

Now, when I took it to work, it was the first one I'd made and it was just unbelievably perfect - extremely moist and sweet and buttery. Perfect. I made it again the next day, with the exact same ingredients, and it didn't come out nearly as well. It took a lot longer to bake and the texture was a little funky. It tasted great but it wasn't perfect. So I know it can be kind of a touchy recipe.

I can only get my hands on Whole Soy's lemon yogurt so it'll have to be that, if it matters.

So, has anyone tried making it a bundt cake? What if I tried baking it in a regular cake pan? Would I need to double the recipe and cook it longer? Thoughts, suggestions?

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