they call me Mr Tails (tails_redux) wrote in vegancooking,
they call me Mr Tails

Pancake/crepe batters - soy free and no egg replacers please!

How do all ...

After having a look through McGee on Food & Cooking, I had a brief tinker about with a simple pancake batter last night. By volume, one unit plain white flour, one unit buckwheat flour, three units carbonated water (as a leavening agent) plus seasoning.

They worked out alright, bit of trouble with the first few holding together, but in terms of flavour something definately in need of a sauce to accompany. I'm angling for something that can stand alone and taste might fine.

Can anyone give tips/recipes for (soy free and with no egg replacers) pancakes?
Tags: breakfast foods-pancakes/waffles
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