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digging ditches out of boredom ;

A little help going raw...

Hi Vegans!

How many of you are raw? I recently (as in a few hours ago) made the decision to really try being raw vegan, and I was wondering if I could just squeeze some staples out of you all? You know, like, the stuff you automatically always having in your pantry, uh-oh I'm screwed gotta go to the store for ____ items. I'll be moving in a new apartment first week of August and would love to stock my pantry absolutely full of these staples to help make the best out of the transitionary period. Nothing like a big move to help underline a change, right?

A note I should leave here: I'm very much the super student (2 minors, honours, writing my BA thesis in the Fall, head of my school's lit mag, etc -) so I don't have the time for things like sprouting and dehydrating, no matter how ridiculously cool they look, so I ask that if your staples require either of these tactics please let me know in the comment...

Otherwise, thank you very much for your time!

(If you're also macrobiotic, can you make a note? I'm not sure if I'm going to step into rawmacrobioticvegan yet, that's sort of a lot to say and all, but, I'm interested in the study of yin and yang foods very very much)
Tags: -macrobiotic, -raw veganism
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