nicu (pour_vrai) wrote in vegancooking,

recipe for margarine substitute

Just came across a recipe for "margarine substitute" and thought it was worth posting here. I don't know where this would sub best (just as a spread, or if it'd work for different kinds of cooking) but if you're in a pinch, or bored, it might be interesting to try. The original called for powdered milk, but I'm guessing it could work with powdered soymilk too.

* roughly 1/2 cup powdered [soy]milk
* roughly 1 1/2 cups of chosen cooking oil
* 2/3 cups of water
* couple of drops of yellow food coloring if desired

Mix water and food coloring with powdered milk until completely dissolved. Drizzle the cooking oil into the milk/water mixture and whisk as you drizzle. You need a nice, even incorporation of the oil. If your mixture is still too soft for your preference, you can mix in a little additional powdered milk. You can also add just a little bit of salt if you desire.

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