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VCTOTW- Margarita Cupcake Icing

Hello all,

I made the margarita cupcakes from VCTOTW today (holy crap they were delicious), but I did have one problem-- the frosting seemed to be too runny. I followed the directions exactly and even added a bit more confectioner's sugar to see if it would thicken up but it in the end it was still too saucy for my taste. I also made sure it was refridgerated while I waited for the cupcakes to finish baking and cool but to no avail. Has any one else had this problem? I'm an experienced baker but this *is* the first recipe I've tried from the book so I only had the picture to go by, in terms of what to expect from the icing-- the cake part at least turned out wonderfully. Alternatively, if it *is* supposed to be a fairly runny icing, what would you recommend to thicken it up a bit without ruining the flavor or the smooth texture?


p.s. I'm throwing a bbq this friday and was thinking of baking two kinds of cupcakes, these and maybe the coconut-lime ones. Are the coconut ones as... coconutty... as they sound from the recipe? I don't want to go through the trouble of making multiple kinds if they'll wind up tasting *too* similar. Thanks again : )
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