wefoughtharder (wefoughtharder) wrote in vegancooking,

Uses for Smoked Sea Salt, and your favorite herbs/spices?

I am placing an order at www.mountainroseherbs.com and one of the things I'm trying for the first time is smoked sea salt.  It sounds like something I would want to put all over everything, but I'm wondering if there are any recipes or foods it especially compliments.  Other than greens, gumbo, and split pea soup I can't think of exactly where i'd use it other than as just grinding it over any regular dish.  I'm trying to decide how much to get.  if its super potent and a little goes a long way, i'll just get the 3 oz., but if its like smoked-salt-crack, i want to get a larger amount to keep in the pantry and split with friends.

also, does anyone have any favorites from Mountain Rose Herbs, or favorite herbs and spices or oils/butters in general (for cooking or other uses) they could recommend? the selection is so huge there, i'm starting to get a bit overwhelmed as to what I should get. 
Tags: -essential pantry items, -what can i do with...?, herbs&spices
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