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Helping a friend make the transition to veg*n

So, my "save the kitties" friend has finally started to realize the cruelty that goes on in the meat industry, and wants to try to cut meat out of her diet. And, she has recruited me to help her learn to cook and try some new foods. The hard part is that she is very wary of food and gets "weirded out" by textures of things. And likes her veggies in a bowl with salt and butter. She says she doesn't like beans, salsa, corn, especially together (which completely shot down my first easy dinner idea, heat those three together, eat in a tortilla or over rice).

She and her meat-lovin boyfriend are coming over, and I want to surprise them with dinner. I was thinking of making the tofu balls from theppk.com with some pasta and sauce, and a strawberry spinach salad (baby spinach, strawberries, granny smith apple, toasted almond slivers, & rasp. vinagrette mmmm). But I need help coming up with a good balanced meal plan for her, or ways to slowly introduce new foods so that she doesn't get fed up and revert back to meat & pasta.

I gave her links to some blogs and vegweb.com and said that we can look through some of the recipes to find fun things, and start using more meat analogues. I would also like to try and keep the food filling and very healthy.

I'm thinking
stir fry with peanut sauce (maybe using those MSfarms chik strips)
"sausage" style tempeh (i think its from theppk)

What are some other hearty recipes that picky eaters might like? Or good tips for beginners? My taste in food has changed so drastically, that I'm having a hard time remembering what I used to eat, and how to prepare food that is not spicy and using more 'common' veggies, or how to introduce more 'exotic' things.
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