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Brown Gravy?

Let me start by saying that when i say brown gravy, i'm not talking about a biscuits and gravy gravy or something that anyone in your family that knew how to cook would make for thanksgiving. It's called brown gravy. It's in the sauce packets section of the store in a red packet [the kind i grew up eating] that you open, mix with water, heat and stir and serve. since it's been a few years since i decided i wanted to stop eating the stuff [not vegan in the least], i just rotated through all the other gravy selections and it seemed like i could always find one that happened to be okay until the last few times i've gone to the store. where everything was the creamy gravy or had a good deal of stuff that i'm not going to eat as the ingredients.

now i make an awesome roux and an awesome mushroom roux that i use for the biscuits and gravy situations or whenever cream of soups are called for. but that's floury and is a good deal heavier than what i'm looking for. brown gravy shouldn't have any flour in it. but since i never made gravy [weakness in the family cooks and i hated everything but the brown gravy and that only in about two dishes] when i was learning to cook, i'm sort of at a loss for what to do to replace it.

i'm tempted to get some of the "beef" bullion powder from whole foods and start there. or maybe grind up some dried mushrooms to rehydrate into a sauce [the only thing i don't want is to just use rehydrated mushroom broth, as the dishes would not benefit by the additions of mushrooms and i don't want to have to plan ahead to the extent that i always have to plan a dish for the mushrooms too]. but like i said, gravy is kinda foreign to me. i did see something in the memories about marmite and bovril and i can apparently get those on amazon, but i couldn't tell what the consistency would be and i distinctly remember promising myself no more on the ites [the taste was just too much for me].

is it possible to do? might anyone be able to tell me how they've fixed the brown gravy problem? and thank you in advance.
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