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A Follow up To the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Post

This post is in reference to this:
I wanted to experiment with the given recipe, and I try to avoid using Ener-G. I don't have any real reason why, I just don't. I tend to use replacements that I always have in my house.

I've done four rounds of these so far, none very successful (from my omni husband's POV).
The things i've tried as an egg replacer: nothing (Wow, way too dry. crumbled after 12 hours in the fridge. could not be salvaged. it was also extremely salty).
Then i tried flax-eggs, this ended up giving the cookies an odd consistency (husband's only way he could describe it) but they were less salty, still a bit dry. Even adding almond milk didn't work because the dough was too dry to mix anything in well.
Then i resorted to something i rarely do if i'm not using coconut, and that is to use Tofutti Sour Supreme as an egg replacer. This made the cookies taste very definitely like sour cream, and while i liked them, my husband told me in a stern voice that i was never to feed him cookies with sour cream in them again. He asked what i was thinking. After the sour cream dough sat in the fridge for 36 hours the sour taste diminished but my husband swore he could still taste it. Like I stated, I liked them, but I can see how anyone would think those were not the perfect chocolate chip cookie.
My last attempt at an egg replacement was with yogurt. Yogurt didn't work well in my opinion, it's too watery to be a good binder and my husband and myself could definitely taste the soy in the yogurt. I have considered using coconut yogurt since it's a bit thicker but the coconut flavor would affect the cookies.
I'm not one for using Ener-G, but i think for this recipe it's necessary. Has anyone had a trule successful attempt veganizing these cookies? Please, share your method(s) and trials. This is the first huge failure I've had in a while, but it was nice baking :)
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