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ideas for how to make this cake vegan

Okay so the following recipe (which was forwarded to me, I don't know where it was gotten) is one of those dreaded full of eggs, practically flourless cake recipes that are so unpossible to veganize. But the idea sounds so good. So any ideas on what you would do to make a similar cake? It would obviously not be the same veganized (although I've been vegan for well over a decade and never have had such a thing so I would have no clue anyway). So for once I don't care about verisimilitude; I just care about it being good.

My first thought was using silken tofu and cornstarch and see where that takes me. The second was based on this recipe and just make it with more flour and ener-g. Or maybe a combo of the two.


Chocolate and Cherry Polenta Cake (the non-cruelty-free version)

Serves 8.

1/3 cup quick-cook polenta
7oz semisweet chocolate, chopped
5 eggs, separated
3/4 cup superfine sugar
1 cup ground almonds
5 tbsp all-purpose flour
finely grated rind of one orange
1 cup candied cherries, halved
confectioners' sugar (for dusting)

1. place polenta in heatproof bowl and pour over boiling water to
cover. stir well, cover bowl & leave to stand for about 30 minutes,
until all the water has been absorbed.
2. preheat oven to 375. grease a deep 8 1/2in round cake pan and line
the base with baking parchment. melt the chocolate.
3. whisk egg yolks with sugar in a bowl until thick and pale. beat in
chocolate, then fold in polenta, ground almonds, flour & orange rind.
4. whisk egg whites in grease-free bowl until stiff. stir about 1tbsp
of the whites into the chocolate mixture to lighten, then fold in the
rest. finally, fold in the cherries. scrape mixture into prepared tin
and bake for 45-55 min or until well risen and firm. turn out and cool
on a wire rack; dust with icing sugar to serve.
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