Nicky S (nickys) wrote in vegancooking,
Nicky S

Salamongundy (kind of...)

A salamongundy is a Regency dish - a selection of salad items and pickles. The original version would have been laid out on a flat platter divided into squares - when I do this I use cucumber strips to mark out the squares then fill each section with a different food. The idea is to have lots of intense and distinct flavours.

I think it makes a good dinner party starter, because it's very quick and easy to prepare and looks impressive.

This one has olives, sundried tomatoes, cranberry jelly, quince jelly, white onion, tomato, cucumber, pickled beetroot, pickled onions, pickled cabbage and, at the centre, a very hot Scotch Bonnet pepper which we didn't finish in spite of there being seven of us at the table.

Other things I've included in the past are haricot beans or green beans with a vinaigrette dressing, pickled lemons, fresh lemons, pickled walnuts and fresh basil leaves.
Tags: historic recipes
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