Leandra (leandra_nyx) wrote in vegancooking,

Soy, nut, and mushroom free recipes an omni would enjoy?

I have a friend who's staying with me for about four days, and before she came I wrote up a tenative schedule of things to cook for her stay... roasted portobellos, fettucine alfredo made with a nut-based sauce, hot-sauce glazed tempeh, faux egg-salad sandwiches, tofu scrambles for breakfast... and etc, lots of tasty things. Then when I got here I learned she's allergic to nuts, soy, and mushrooms! A lot of the things I have planned still work, and others will work if I go buy some rice milk instead of the almond or soy I have in the house, but it still leaves some gaps in my meal plan.

Any suggestions on recipes not containing any of those things that an omni would also enjoy?
Tags: -allergies, -allergies-nuts, -allergies-soy, foods that non-vegans would like
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