Kuntrageous! (laceyslostlove) wrote in vegancooking,

Almond Butter Cake

Last night I had a delicious piece of cake; it was Almond Butter Cake and the layers had fresh peach slices between them. This was prepared by someone I do not know, so i cannot just ask for their recipe. (It was in a restaurant.) The cake definitely had almond butter or almond paste in it, and it was not very sweet. It was slightly dry for a cake, but this was on purpose since there were fresh peaches between each layer.
I have searched online for a recipe with ingredients that appear to mimic the end result of the cake with no luck so far. Most recipes I'm finding are very basic and some don't even have almonds in them except for in the recommended frosting.
Does anyone have a recipe for Almond Butter cake that actually has almond butter or ground almonds (almond paste basically) in it? If the recipe has almond paste in it, it would need to show the measurements for grounding the almonds on your own to make paste as this is something i prefer doing on my own.
Any help would be appreciated!
Tags: desserts-cakes, nuts-almonds
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