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help with soup for asparagus casserole

It's cold here and feels like it should be Thanksgiving (I'm originally from the states) and I've been thinking of my aunt's asparagus casserole. The omni version called for canned asparagus, a hard boiled egg, onion, a can of cream of mushroom soup and some cheddar. I'd like to veganize it.

I'm thinking of replacing the egg with a little scrambled firm tofu, and I can get some cheezly to try on it, but the real problem I'm having is with the cream of mushroom soup. The only canned brands I can find nearby (small town in New Zealand) are not vegan. I want to approximate that too-salty-for-you wobbly stuff from Campbells with something I make at home. Any ideas on how to get the taste right while making it as thick as the canned version? I usually cook healthy with very low salt and a little olive oil, but for this I am looking for that Thanksgiving taste I remember...

Thanks for any help!
Tags: comfort food, main dishes-casseroles, soups-creamy, vegetables-asparagus
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