elektra 168 (elektra_168) wrote in vegancooking,
elektra 168

Potentially stupid rice milk question

Hello. I am going to try making rice milk in a Soyabella soymilk maker. The instructions say to follow the same instructions as for making soymilk: Fill the measuring cup, let them soak about 8 hours, put them in the grinder, fill the machine with water, and press the 'Milk' button.

My potentially stupid question is: Are they talking about uncooked rice? Even with the soaking, wouldn't uncooked rice be too hard for the machine to grind and turn into milk? I really don't want to break the machine.

Also, what is the difference between rice milk and rice paste? (The machine makes both)

Finally, is it okay to use brown rice? Or is it recommended to stick with white rice?

Thanks. I'm trying to reduce the soy in my diet to see if it's causing acne.
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