Leandra (leandra_nyx) wrote in vegancooking,

Polenta ideas?

I looked through the tags and memories, but didn't see polenta listed. I used to buy it somewhat regularly (in those rolls they sell at stores), but I always just chopped it up and threw it into a pasta dish, or before I became vegan I would slice it into rounds and bake it with some bleu cheese on top. Then I got bored of those things, and stopped buying it for a while. Well, I got a roll of polenta the other day and I'm interested in doing some more creative things with it this time. I'm thinking it might still be good baked, with a little Follow Your Heart cheese and maybe a tomato slice on top. But I know there has to be more than that and just tossing it into pasta! What are your favorite things to do with polenta?
Tags: grains-corn & polenta etc
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