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Vegan menu ideas for skeptical non-vegans?

Hi everyone. I did look over the memories, but I'm really not even sure where to start. I have no idea what I'd like to use as a base or what I'd like to incorporate. I guess I'm looking for things that you all have made in the past that have wowed your guests/family/whatever.

My roommates and I are making dinner for my aunt and uncle this weekend to thank them for taking huge amounts of time to move furniture for us in their van since we moved to Portland, OR recently without a stick of furniture to our name(s). The dinner has the added bonus of being a celebration of my uncle's birthday (which is today!)

So, we need help with the menu. We're making a rather decadent raspberry mocha cake for dessert and are toying with the idea of a brussel sprout/almond soup as a starter. But we're in need of a fabulous main course. Two of the three of us in the house are vegan (and the third was, but fell off the wagon.) We want to make this as sumptuous and amazing a dinner as we possibly can, especially since my uncle is dubious of vegan food. It would be great if it didn't revolve around tofu/any meat analogs and was rather spicy. Ideas? We're totally at a loss.
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