☆ Brittany ☆ (closertofalling) wrote in vegancooking,
☆ Brittany ☆

vegan not-beef and not-chick'n flavor cubes

anyone try these yet? i bought some from king soopers (a grocery store here in colorado springs) earlier tonight...haven't tried the 'chicken' flavor yet, but the 'beef' flavor is pretty tasty and they were less than $3 a box for 8 cubes.

Edit:  Ingredients:

The 'chicken' one: sea salt, yeast, organic expeller-pressed palm oil, yeast extract, organic evaporated cane juice, organic garlic, malodextrin, and mace space.

The 'beef' one: sea salt, organic expeller-processed palm oil, yeast extract, organic evaporated cane juice, malodextrin, onion, organic celery, organic garlic, organic mace spice.

It says they are vegan with no msg, no trans fat, and they are gluten free.
Tags: herbs&spices-bouillon cubes/powder
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