Reactoss (reactoss) wrote in vegancooking,

VWAV help and "cheese" sauce

I made the mushroom variation of the asparagus and sundried tomato fritatta from Vegan with a Vengence last night and whilst the flavours were good, it was unbelievably dry. I didn't have nutritional yeast so I left it out, other than that, I made it as per the recipe. Anyone know what I could have done wrong? i'd like to try it again.

Also I'm having trouble finding nutritional yeast/savoury yeast flakes (I can find plenty of torula or brewers yeast but apparently it's not the same thing) and I want to try and make a cheese sauce (cauli and cheese style). The only cheese alternative I can find easily is tofutti cream cheese, does anyone know if I can make a cheese sauce with this?
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