bionic motherfucker (orphe_) wrote in vegancooking,
bionic motherfucker

leek soup & fondue

with the advent of teese, i feel as though the time is right to try making a vegan version of the tastiest thing i've ever eaten: cheese fondue with pumpernickel bread. the original recipe calls for, among other things, potato-leek soup mix. alas, i'm having no luck at all finding a vegan mix. i'm a bit shocked that this, rather than the cheese, is the sticking point. at any rate, has anyone ever seen such a thing? i'm really dying to try this out.

just for reference, the original "recipe" is under the cut...

horrendously un-vegan potato-leek-cheese fondue
1/4 lb chudder cheese (that's cheddar cut with butter. they sell it in upstate new york. seriously.)
1 cup white wine
1 packet knorr's leek soup mix (contains milk)
Tags: -adapting recipes
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