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seven year old new vegan help

Hey guys! I posted last week about my friend asking me to help her out with her seven year old son's request to be vegan. I passed on all of the great information you guys offered up, and she REALLY appreciated it. This veganism thing is really new to them, but so far she and both of her children have been vegan ever since last week. Exciting!

Anyway, her one concern about this important lifestyle change is the fact that the holidays are coming up. It is a special time for them, as it is for most, packed with family traditions. She wants to be able to keep the traditions up, and needs a little help making substitutions. Does anyone have any tried and true recipes to replace the foods listed below? (For instance, I know you can make tomato soup creamier by adding soy milk or whatever, but I don't know if that's the best substitute, etc.) Anyway, your input is much appreciated!

"His absolute most favorite thing in the world to eat is tomato soup. Weird, huh? I've made it for him since he went vegan but he told me it wasn't as smooth and comforting as he normally likes it (he has Asperger's, so food texture is a big thing).

For the holidays I was more concerned with the candied yams with the little marshmallows on top. He looooves it. I was thinking maybe I could still do the yams, sans butter and top it with a crumble made from brown sugar and oats? Also, holiday cookies. Each year, we set aside two days to make and frost holiday cookies. If you have any idea how I can maintain that tradition while honoring his diet, I'd be a very grateful Mommy."

Thanks all! :- )
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