Micehlle (ms_kitsch) wrote in vegancooking,

Vegan at a Wine and Cheese Party.

So, I was invited to an omni wine and cheese party, and would like to attend with a cheerfully vegan "cheese"-something-or-other and a nice wine pairing. Finding a vegan wine will be pretty easy, but I'm not sure what to do on the cheese front. I would like something omni/vegetarian friendly so it's not just me munching on it alone all night.

My ideas so far:

1. I have heard some varieties of Shreese work well on bread and crackers. Is this true? Just how tasty are they, anyway? (I haven't had much luck with vegan cheeses on crackers-- only in cooked, otherwise seasoned dishes).

2. Make some sort of an herbed olive-y cheesy spread with vegan cream cheese.

3. Bake some fingerfood bruschetta with vegan mozzarella and parmesan, pair with nice red wine.

4. Go the dessert route and make a vegan cheesecake (omni-fooling!) and pair with a complementary wine.

5. Simply bring fruits, nuts, and/or crackers that pair well with wines.

Thoughts? (If nothing else, I've been inspired to host a vegan wine and "cheese" party sometime-- now that would be fun!)
Tags: -product reviews-dairy products
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