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two questions - raw food cookbook + brownie recipe?

I checked the tags and I didn't see anything, so hopefully this isn't a repeat post. :) I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a raw food vegan cookbook? I'm vegan, as is my family, but my mom is interested in raw food "cooking" and I'm hoping to get her a cookbook for her birthday or Christmas. I have zero experience with using raw food (only) and being vegan, so if anyone has any suggestions or experience with certain cookbook, I'd love to hear about it! 

My other question is about brownies. My husband loves brownies, but now that he's vegan like I am, we've been battling to find a good recipe. I want to know - is it possible to make chewy vegan brownies? I have tried several of the recipes from this community, but I haven't found it yet. Mostly they turn out too cake-y and the ones that don't just seem to be heavier and more fudge-y. Is there a vegan way to get chewiness?

Thanks! :)
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