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fricken perfect teriyaki sauce

I unsure if I can post homemade condiments on here, but I've been searching for fish/animal-free teriyaki sauce for ages.. stuff that's sweet and tastes good. So I pretty well had it, and read the ingredients on a Kikoman teriyaki sauce bottle and simplified it to four ingredients that you can buy anywhere. It takes under 5 minutes to make and can be used on basically anything ya like.

Makes a bit over 1 dry measuring cup (because no liquid measuring cups were within arms reach)


1 dry measuring cup Kikoman LITE soy sauce
1/3 dry measuring cup white sugar
*optional* 1 tablespoon real canadian maple syrup (not maple flavoured pancake syrup)
~ 1 tablespoon cornstarch (already mixed with water and ready to thicken)

First off, heat up the Kikoman Lite, [optional, now add the maple syrup] then dissolve the white sugar. Bring to boil, add the cornstarch, set on low while it boils out. Cool for a wee bit, shove on top of veggies, rice, marinade tofu or veggie "meat", etc!
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