...this is a story of possibility... (evilmannequine) wrote in vegancooking,
...this is a story of possibility...

crackers? chips? vehicles for dip?

I somewhat recently found out that I'm allergic to a bunch of stuff (and probably more than I know even now) I'm allergic to all sorts of animal products (which doesn't matter to me. But who the heck is allergic to beef? me apparently) wheat, gluten, soy, corn, and some (probably all) nuts
I've been doing an awesome job at figuring out baked goods that work for me
and ultimately, it hasn't been that big of a deal in my life (although I'm going on a week long trip, so we'll see if I still feel the same after I get back...)

What am I missing?
vehicles for dips.
I've found some rather pricy but delicious rice crackers. and I've tried marys gone crackers (which are tasty, but REALLY expensive here, and I feel like they are going to break my teeth)

I REALLY miss corn chips and tortillas (corn and flour!)
and pretty much everything possibly used as a vehicle for hummus or guacamole or salsa or tapanade (although I'm finding that that pricy rice bread from the store works really well as bruschetta)

I looked through the memories and couldn't find anything that matches my query

So. does anyone have a fantastic recipe for some sort of crackery thing that won't inflame my entire digestive tract?

Bonus points if it's simple!
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