lindsay40k (lindsay40k) wrote in vegancooking,

soybeans and gas (no giggling plz).

I've got a bag of dried soybeans and no matter how I prepare them, they always seem to inflict the most voluminous wind on everybody. I read that sprouting them reduces this, but every time I try it they end up with a sweet pungent smell that suggests they've gone off before half of them have any root to show for it - whether I leave them to grow undisturbed or change their water daily - as I do with mungbeans to no ill effect.

Is the aim of the sprouting to have them convert indigestible fart fuel into digestible human food, or to make them shed their gasmaking skins? (Skinning chickpeas made for far less flatulent humus.) How well developed should the sprouts be when they are eaten, and how should they be kept from going off?

EDIT: what am I supposed to do with the sprous when they're ready? I like mung beansprouts raw, but I can't see raw soy being a good idea. Anyone suggest a cooking time/regimen?
Tags: -gassiness
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