an imaginary living body (marysia) wrote in vegancooking,
an imaginary living body

Douglas fir tea!

My mom knows how much I love tea and conifers, so she surprised me with some douglas fir tip tea as a souvenir from her recent road trip. I didn't even know douglas fir needles were edible! It's delicious. It tastes almost like dill or something - it isn't really a sweet tea, but it tastes refreshing. I'm curious now about making my own. Has anyone here made conifer tea before? The tea box says that the spring tips are the most flavorful, but with normal needles or tips, I'm not sure whether it would be best to dry them first... I haven't actually made my own tea before at all, so general tips would be appreciated too. :)

P.S. Dinner right now is an avocado, spicy tofu with onions/garlic, and cabbage soft taco/burrito thing. It might sound a bit weird, but is really good. :D
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