the british are coming! (saucypunk) wrote in vegancooking,
the british are coming!

Spanish sweet smoked paprika

I just want to let you all in on the awesomeness of Spanish smoked sweet paprika. It has a great smoked flavor that tastes just like ham, and it's good in pretty much everything. Way better than liquid smoke flavor, IMO.

Tonight I threw a little bit in with my BBQ tofu (amazing!), a few weeks ago my partner made refritos with it (deadly!), and the other night we put it in with collard greens (better than ham!).

I found it in a little specialty spice shop, which might be your best bet if you don't have a Spanish grocery nearby. It seems to be pretty available online as well.
Tags: ethnic food-spanish, greens-collards, herbs&spices-paprika, seasonings, substitutes-meat-ham
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