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Pineapple Vanilla Jam Help

This past summer, I traveled to Nice, in the south of France, on my way to visit a friend in northwestern Italy. While in Nice, I spent a day or so in vieux Nice, where I found my way into a shop whose name I can't remember, but which was selling all kinds of wonderful local items, including spices, herbs, mustards, jams, salt grinders, savon de Marseille, etc. I picked up a bunch of items - salt/herb mixtures in test tubes, spicy Dijon mustard, wonderful Marseille soap, a bag of roses used in Moroccan cooking, which were gifts for friends, and a jar of pineapple vanilla jam for myself.

Upon my return to Canada, after giving away the gifts I brought back, I was left my lone jar of jam. And I was more than a little dubious. But I love pineapple and I love vanilla. I opened the jar and I think I was initially a little put off. But eventually, I tried it and it was love. So, so good. All too quickly my little jar of jam was gone.

And now, with fall a daily reality and horrible, horrible winter coming all too soon, I really want to make this jam. Or attempt to make this jam. Which will remind me of summer, being in southern Europe, the Mediterranean Sea and all things I love and cherish.

The only thing is I have no idea how to make jam. And all online searches for this jam have proven dead ends. Would anyone know how to go adapting a jam recipe for this particular ingredient combination? I should add that the vanilla wasn't in extract form, but rather a vanilla pod was in the jar.

PS. I have no means to can.
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