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Carrot Juice

I have almost an entire 2-liter bottle of Odwalla Carrot Juice, less the amount it took for me to discover that I really don't like the taste of carrot juice. I bought this clearly too large bottle of juice at the grocery store yesterday because it was on super-markdown for $1 (apparently, no one else near me likes carrot juice either).

My question to all of you is thus: what on earth can I do with about nearly 2 liters of carrot juice that's perfectly good, if somewhat ill-tasting in it's current form? I know I'm only out a dollar if I were to pour it down the drain, but I hate to be so wasteful. Has anyone ever made a successful soup base with carrot juice? Or should I just lace it heavily with vodka, hot sauce, and celery, hoping that those flavors will overpower the carroty goodness?

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