[Megan] (vomitxx) wrote in vegancooking,

Chocolate help

I'm planning on making chocolates for Halloween. I wanted to make some chocolate suckers and truffles.

Does anyone know if there is anything vegan I can use to color white chocolate? I want to make the suckers like there and I thought they would look better colored like that.

Also, I have never used vegan white chocolate before, so does it melt and harden the same way as regular does? Or will this idea not even work out?

And one more question: Does vegan dark or white chocolate harden in a way that would be ok to even make chocolate suckers? I imagine them just turning into rock hard shapes of chocolate since I have heard that it is pretty hard when you melt it and re-harden it.

Any help on this subject would be great, I want to make cute chocolates!!

Tags: desserts-candy-chocolate
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