Comes the Revolution (lifeinsong) wrote in vegancooking,
Comes the Revolution

Carrot Soup

I just made this wicked awesome carrot soup with a recipe from Michael Van Straten.

Sadly, my camera is MIA, so just imagine a bowl full of this color:

It's very light, and the orange juice gives it a light, summery overtone, while the spice from the ginger gives you a warm, autumnal tingle. Perfect for a snack or first course.

4 T olive oil
1 lg onion
1 in/2.5 cm fresh ginger root
1.5 lb/900g carrots (I think I used around 8 good-sized carrots)
2 3/4 pts/1.5l H2O (I didn't use quite this much water)
18fl oz/500ml orange juice

Large pot/pan

Peel & chop onion and ginger (don't worry about precision, it all ends up in the blender), then sautee with olive oil in the bottom of your pot.
Slice carrots, then add them to the pot and give it a stir to spread the oil.
Add orange juice and some water to the pot
Simmer the whole mixture until the carrots are tender
Scoop batches into your blender and liquify

Tags: herbs&spices-ginger, soups-creamy, soups-root vegetable, vegetables-carrots
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