craftyqweer (ppunkgoddess) wrote in vegancooking,

quinoa flour substitute

Hi all, I've had a good rummage through the tags, but I can't find reference to quinoa flour, just a lot of info on quinoa grains.

I have the best recipe book in the universe: Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Oh yes, yes I do. And I heart baking for all my friends, and frankly I rock at it. Thing is, I'd love to make some gluten freedom cupcakes, but all the recipes in VCTOTW use quinoa flour which just is not available here, I've hunted high and low.

Does anybody know where I can order this from (I'm in Australia, that might be signficant), or otherwise, has anyone had success subbing for something else which is also gluten free in these recipes? I can find so many different gluten free flours, but so far I'm hesitant to buy any because I don't have a clue about g/f baking and don't know thier properties.

Any help would be appreciated. =)
Tags: flours-low/no gluten
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